Polaroid Syma Drone Review

Polaroid Cube Plus is simple to attach to the Syma Quad-copter with tape or Velcro. I recommend buying a extra battery because you get about 5 minutes of fly time per full charge. Currently I will be upgrading but for 3 years this very cheap hack allowed me to get great shots all for under 200 USD. You can get a waterproof housing for great underwater shots.


To perform this hack all you need is tape and to position the Cube under the battery pack aligned so the Drone will fly accurately. The only downside with this model of camera is you don’t get to see what you are capturing in real time. They have a new version with wifi that you can view live feed using a phone/computer. I was able to fly in snow, wind with ease using this Polaroid/Drone. I give this combo 5 out of 5 stars because of the low cost and multi use of the Polaroid cube.


28 Days Later Canon XL1 Review


Canon XL1s 3CCD Digital Video Camcorder MiniDV Tape Professional Camcorder. Used in productions like 28 Days Later and Jackass the Movie. When this camera was introduced it was top of the line and used in a lot of big films and documentary films. When originally released this camera was out of my price range but several years ago I found one on ebay and purchased it for a b-roll camera. Coming from a video/tape background I was very used to playback and capture. Now with digital you don’t need to recapture and digitize video. These cameras along with VHS and Hi-8 have a very specific looks to each medium that can’t easily be replicated. For that aesthetic look they are worth buying. I also recently purchased a MiniDv player because I’m finally giving up recording in this medium. Reasons why? After 15 years I found that I like a certain look and have just bought a film super 8 camera to experiment with. Would I recommend this camera to a friend or amateur filmmaker? Definitely it not only is a great camera to practice with and learn how to log film and use basic inputs but now is fairly inexpensive. I would give this 3 out of 5 stars and if I was a 12-19 year old interested in video or editing I would of loved to practice with this Canon XL1!!