The Forest (In Development)
A ghostly presence lurks in the northern woods of Michigan were a group of five friends reunite for the first time after their first year of college. Summer is in the air, so is passion and lust for a group of old friends ready for adventure.The changes in these friends are obvious, but when temptation begins the forest leads them to their bloody fate!! Stay out of the Forest!!


Main Cast:

1. Curtis Daquet – (22-25 Male Caucasian)

2. Marie Vignola – (22-25 Female Caucasian)

3. Jim DeLuca – (22-25 Male Caucasian)
4. Amy White – (22-25 Female Caucasian)
5. Kim Le Leur – (22-25 Female Caucasian)

Supporting Actors:
6. Jennifer Brown “Curt’s Ex-girlfriend”

7. Dave Alawa “Sheriff”

8. Ethan McKinley “Bartender”
9. Sharon Alawa-Tate “Sheriff Daughter”

10. Gene Halter “Neighbor”
11. Walter “Man of the Woods”


Contact for more details about “The Forest” Motion Picture. Production Begins Summer 2018. Auditions Begin April-June 20th 2018. Send Resume and Head-Shot or Video Audition to